Buyer's Guide 

  1. You can browse the auctions at any time without registering,  but to bid or post an auction, you must  first register. 

To register, simply click on the Register link.  Choose a user name which you can easily remember, and fill in the other required fields.  Your password will automatically be generated and emailed to you.  You can change your password at any time by choosing the Account option and then clicking the Change Your Password link.

You only need to register once,  as you can change your user information at any time by choosing Account, and then clicking the Edit My Registration link.

Notes: There may only be one account per email address.  The system will not let you create more than one account with the same email address.

Depending on how the administrator has set up the auction system,  your account may need to be verified before it is activated.

 If verification is required, you will not be allowed to place bids until your account is activated.

  1. Once you have an active account,  you are ready to bid.  Simply navigate to the auction you want to bid on via the category listings or using the search features,  and then place your bid.
  2. Note the type of auction that you are bidding on.  Reverse, Dutch, and Standard auctions all work differently.
  3. It is highly recommended that you read over all sale, payment and shipping terms and conditions before you place your bid.  Some items may not be returnable, but please note that by bidding, you are legally bind to purchasing the item if you are the winning bidder.
  Completing the Transaction
  1. Once an auction closes an email will be sent to the winning bidder containing contact information for the seller.  If you are the winning bidder you should immediately contact the seller to arrange for payment and delivery of the item.  The seller may also contact you via the contact information you provided upon registration.
  Leaving Feedback
  1. You should always leave feedback on the seller after completing a transaction.  This lets other users know what to expect from the seller, whether that be good or bad.  You can reach the feedback form by clicking on the Leave Feedback on Seller link on the item detail page.  Please restrain from using foul or obscene language, as other users may be offended.  Inappropriate feedback will be deleted.

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